Something about myself

Fashion has been my first love. I won't leave anymore.

I love the innovation and experimentation theatre: different worlds outside the box, where I like to understand characters of actors, their emotions and ideas able to convey new realities.

Coco Chanel has been my icon in past, present and future. She told “beauty is not in ourselves or outside; it arounds us”. So, as a tribute to this aphorism, on free time I take my trolley and I start to travel: curiosity supplies the chance to know new cookings, customs, experiences, words to listen and images to decode.

I believe every day is distinguished by color, fabric, fancy as well as a proper name. For this reason, I looks for the perfect combination in order to wear a unique and special person. When, for the first time I saw natural and fine yarns such as Cachemire, I fell in love right away.

Since I've touched with my hand the hight quality, I've become sure to: satisfy the needs of men who are looking for love and semplicity and at the same time they are looking for a simple clothing with authenticity.


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